It's Been Awhile

Over the past 4 years we have started taking care of elderly parents, I work full time outside of Etsy and it's just been difficult for us to get away on the weekend and get inventory. But this weekend we attended a three day estate sale that had items we had rarely see .  We canceled our parents - or provided care alternatively we will say .  We travelled two hours each way for two days. The result ? Our house looks like a flea market threw up. Now we are home and wondering what junk drunk demon possessed us!  The upside is that we got a great eclectic mix, connected with some old business contacts and genuinely enjoyed our time.  It's hard work this picking business. We are not 40 or 30 anymore and the plodding back and forth on uneven ground, first freezing then sweating ( NC/SC  weather) made us a feel like we had actually worked for a living.  The excitement though of seeing so much in one place reminded us why we do this. Have you ever seen so many apothecary bottles ? Or Advertising, or Teddy Bears in one place ?, we asked. There were smalls galore, lot's of things out of our wheel house but things we know as well, padlocks, vintage toys, glassware, some things we love ourselves, and some we just wanted to take a chance on.  Sometimes life gets in the way of our passions, picking and finding was always something we did together on our off time and for a little while we did it again. We came home dirty and tired  and collapsed feeling self satisified and nervous having spent so much on inventory!  It will take us a year to make it all back probably but that's okay because now we go back to managing our lives , our family and our business, and full time work and will have things to pull from to keep us excited. I can say "rememeber that day in SC? " as I list the 100th padlock for sale. 

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