Kid Collecting Banks

Since my last post about kids collecting life sure has evolved. Those with children have suddenly become a teacher among their other roles.  Kids are being forced indoors or at a minimum to their own yards. I surely would not recommend taking up yard saling and flea marketing these days. But the internet opens up all sorts of avenues for you and them to explore virtual museums and collections. 

One great idea for kids collecting could be banks. If you are teaching them about the importance of money and conservation banks are an ideal way to start them on the path to savings, even pennies.   Most Banks designed for children in the earlier years were penny banks. Many of what we as adults think of as banks - 'antique' were the cast iron action banks. A penny in mouth of  dog that jumps through a hoop. These were heavily reproduced in the 80s and 90s and even earlier.  Making the originals even more valuable. But for a child I don't think it's important they are buying an original I think finding a vintage reproduction is a great way to start and they are out there with price tags that won't literally break the bank.  

This is a great website full of pictures of banks -

Banks can also also allow them to narrow a collection - if they love dogs they can only collect banks that are dogs . 

Perhaps they like a particular Disney Character - collect only Disney Banks - 

Or introduce them to a Bank Maker. Banthrico  made promotional banks

Often handed out with a new account or as a promotion at a bank opening. They are nice cast metal banks many of them are cars or trucks. 

The whole point of collecting with your child is to encourage them to appreciate the history of things - Talk to them about banks as a promotional item during war times to encourage people to save, explain economic systems at a level they can understand. 

- Questions you an answer - why were metal banks scarce during war time? 

( metal was being used for ammunition and military supply) 

- How do children's shows use marketing to appeal to their viewers and make even more bank! ( show them all the 'character' banks out there a good oppotunity to talk about how the market works- 

- Why do they think kids don't have piggy banks any more?

- Show them videos of mechanical banks - search You tube. 

- Have them look at some banks online and rate them most wanted to least wanted, then have them do the math - If I get 1.00 a week how long will it be before I can buy this bank or that bank. 

Don't be rigid in your thinking while researching banks they may find coins interest them, let them check out some books from the library to read about what interest them. 

Tips for finding authentic mechanical banks  - Check the screws Phillip head screws are relatively new. Made in China Stickers. :) are new 

most mechanical cast iron banks will have paint missing they will not be like new. 

Check out links like this one with really old banks

There are a lot of web sites that feature collections of banks that can be helpful in making identifications. 

Don't limit them to old banks there are some very cool modern banks - battery operated and the like. 

Introduce them to sites like Etsy, or other auction venues where they can go virtual flea marketing. They don't need to buy everything they see just like the store - they can start by creating a pinterest board with their favorites. 

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